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Adult Arabic Class

Imam Zafar will offer a beginner level Arabic language course "Introduction to Arabic" at Frisco Masjid.
The class will begin on Sunday, Feburary 19.
This is a 16-week program. Classes will be held every Sunday at 5 pm.
The fee for the whole program is $75 per person.


Download and submit completed registration form to ICF office.

Required Text Book

You need to purchase following text book.
Alif Baa with DVDs, 3rd Edition. Brustad, K., M. Al-Batal, and A. Al- Tonsi. (2010) [ISBN:978-1589016323]
Please ensure that the text book has the included DVD.
You can buy this book online from Amazon.

Course Details:

Course Title Introduction to Arabic
Begining Date February 19, 2012
Time 5:00 PM-6:00 PM
Days Every Sunday
Location Islamic Center of Frisco
6890 Main Street, Frisco, TX 75034
Instructor: Imam Dr. Zafar Anjum
Phone 469-252-4532

Course Description

This course is an introductory course intended for brothers/sisters with little or no knowledge of the language.
Its aim is to present essential vocabulary and grammar, and todevelop the pronunciation, listening, reading, and writing skills necessary for basic communication and comprehension. It will be also helpful in reading and understanding the Holy Qur'an and the Ahadith of our beloved Prophet `Salla Allahu `Alayhi Wasallam'. It covers the Arabic script and sound system, basic grammar rules, and the study of samples of modern Arabic literature. Grammar is explained in its functional aspect using basic structures of Arabic. Drills in reading, writing, listening and speaking Arabic are enhanced by the use of CD &s; DVDs.


  • To pronounce the Arabic vowels, consonants correctly.
  • To pronounce Arabic words correctly, paying special attention to short and long vowels.
  • To begin to develop your ability to speak Arabic.
  • To begin to develop your ability to read and write Arabic.
  • To begin acquiring a working knowledge of Arabic grammatical structures and to apply these structures in speech and writing.


The Arabic alphabet (writing and sounds), Sun and Moon letters, short vowels and diacritics, feminine markers, greetings and introductions, basic vocabulary, masculine and feminine nouns and adjectives, the definite article, nationalities and affiliations, asking questions, personal pronouns, plural of nouns, nominal sentence: subject and predicate, genitive construction, possessive pronouns, the present tense, and verbal sentence will be covered in this class.


Week 1 Alif Baa: Unit 1
Week 2 Alif Baa: Unit 2
Week 3 Alif Baa: Unit 2, 3
Week 4 Alif Baa: Unit 3, 4
Week 5 Exam #1
Week 6 Alif Baa: Unit 4, 5
Week 7 Alif Baa: Unit 5
Week 8 Alif Baa: Unit 6
Week 9 Exam #2
Week 10 Alif Baa: Unit 7
Week 11 Alif Baa: Unit 8
Week 12 Alif Baa: Unit 9
Week 13 Alif Baa: Unit 10
Week 14 Exam #3
Week 15 Alif Baa: Unit 10
Week 16 Final Exam (Exit Exam)

Course and Instructor Policies:

Expectations: Your active and constructive participation is expected and is very important in this class which has many individual and group activities. You are expected to come to class, be on time, study, be prepared, and be attentive.
Please share information about this course with other brothers and sisters.

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