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Membership Registration Form

You can fill and print this form and drop it of at the masjid as well.

Address (For voter registration, P.O. Box will not be considered a valid address)

I hereby declare that I am a Muslim, adult (age 18 or above), and believe In the Oneness of Allah (SWT). I also believe

in the finality of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and that he is the last prophet and messenger of Allah. I am a legal

resident of US. I will abide by the rules, regulations and by-laws of Islamic Center of Frisco.


Membership Eligibility: (You must be a resident of one of following cities and/or its School Districts)

- Frisco - The Colony - Little Elm - Prosper - Celina -

Fields marked with * are required to be completed. If such fields are not complete, this form is void.

For the purposes of voting, an individual must be 18 years of age or older.

Each individual in a family that is 18 years of age or older must complete this form to become a member.

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