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Attir Khalid

Attir Khalid – Candidate for ‘Member’ ICF Shura


I have been a resident of Frisco since 2015 and a fortunate member of the ICF since Day One. I’m sure you have seen me in the hallways of the ICF or met me when I serve Iftar in Ramadan. In case you haven’t, let me take you on a quick journey on who I am.

I am an Engineer by training but gave up the brainy work to get my MBA from New York University (NYU) about a decade ago. This led me to work as a management consultant at Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC) – one of the largest consulting firms in the world. It’s a very fortunate position and I do thank Allah SWT day in and day out for putting me in this position. I’ve been with PwC for the past decade and currently hold a Director position focusing on large mergers and acquisitions deals where we help companies buy or sell other companies. But that is all boring stuff to keep the lights on. My second job over the weekend is as the CEO of my household (my wife would disagree). In this role I play father to two lovely children (who possess infinite amount of energy), a caring wife, and my two parents.

And that is what brings me to applying for the shura position. All 6 of us in that household find our home and our masjid the epicenter of our lives. This is where my kids find “others like them”, my wife “learns from the scholars”, my “mother dedicates herself to taraweeh”, and my father “finds a place to pray every single day”. If I take so much from the masjid why not give a little back.

All this also drives my philosophy as a potential shura member. If elected I would like to make sure that the ICF provides comfort and caters to all age groups and backgrounds. I would like to work to make sure that every single individual that comes through those doors feels comfortable and connected to the ICF the same way me and my family does.

Looking forward to serving you all more meals in Ramadan!!! 🙂

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