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Shah Khurram Alam – Candidate for ‘Member’ ICF Shura

Asalam-o-alaikum – My name is Shah Khurram Alam and I have been a resident of the city of Frisco for the last 10 years. I moved to the DFW area back in 2005 after completing my undergrad from Indiana University and started my professional career in Product Management and Development. Alhamdullilah, I have held various senior level leadership roles in my 14 year career span where I have dealt with numerous challenges and different personality types.

I am a husband and a devoted father of two beautiful daughters. As a family, we try our best to live our lives according to the teachings of Quran and our beloved prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Performing hajj in 2017 was the most powerful and emotional spiritual experience for me. I feel that it helped me attain a deeper understanding on the priorities in life.

I have background of working on several community service projects through my employer and feel strongly that it is the right time for me to step up and now serve our ever growing Muslim community in Frisco. With my professional background and growing passion for serving our masjid, I believe I will be a good fit for the shura committee inshallah.

Jazakullah Khair.

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