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Saad Riazuddin – Candidate for ‘Ameer’ ICF Shura

Asalamu Alykum,

Bismillah. My name is Saad Riazuddin, I currently serve on the ICF Shura, and I previously served on the first elected ICF Shura from the years 2014-2015. Across all of my time as a board member, I have served as the liaison for multiple committeesincluding the youth, Empower (New Muslims), Newcomers, sisters, interfaith, events committee, and handled internal communications for the community through our Masjid newsletter and social media. I am an Alumni of the University of Texas at Dallas, with a bachelor’s in Criminology and am currently working as a Contract Analyst for “Nthrive” in Plano, TX.

My Story: In 2011, I moved to Frisco, and since then have seen the community grow and have matured with it myself. As the community grew from a small Musalla to this grand center we see around us, it nurtured me and molded me as a youth going into adulthood. For the past eight years, I was able to see this community grow from its roots, into what it is today. Now, as an adult, I owe an everlasting debt to the Masjid, my sanctuary, and where my heart belongs. And this is what drives me to run for Ameer, as I firmly believe I owe back to this community that made me who I am today.

Some of my prior experiences include, serving within the ICF Board between the years 2014-2015 and 2017- present, serving as a Shura lead for many distinct committees, working with New Muslims in the community, assisting in the initiation of ICF’s first youth seminary “Safwah”, establishing and initiating the ICF Youth, and serving as a Youth Director (by volunteer) from 2011-2014, creating flyers for the Masjid since 2011, volunteering and teaching at ICF Sunday School, serving as a board of director for the MSA at UT Dallas, serving as an administrative manager for the Islamic Seminary of America & TAQWA Seminary (working with Imams and academics such as Shaykh Khalil Abdur-Rashid and Imam Omar Suleiman), and serving within the IACC Education Committee.

My vision for ICF is to model our community around the example of the Prophet (PBUH)’s Masjid. I would like our community to become a leading example for the wider DFW community by focusing on a diverse set of issues such as:

  • Finding new and creative ways to fund the continued development for Phase 2 of ICF
  • Working alongside our scholars to continue the spiritual and intellectual development of our community through the fostering of Islamic education
  • Empowering our youth and inspiring them to become the leaders of tomorrow by engaging them in Masjid affairs
  • Creating a systematic means to integrate our New Muslims and Newcomers
  • Maintaining a high regard for our scholars and consulting them in critical religious decisions
  • Providing mental health support for individual needs by seeking out professional experts
  • Developing a proper system for accountability of leadership in regards to decisions, transparency and trust
  • Proper representation in decisions with respect to all races, backgrounds, and groups within the community

I would like to incite this community and empower it to be what it meant to me, for others.  With this note, it is with great honor for me to respectfully run for Ameer of ICF.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me personally.


Saad Riazuddin

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