Imam Committee

Under the Shura guidance, Imam Committee is dedicated to coordinate all religious activities of ICF.


Help in obtaining relgious verdicts from the scholars of ICF.
Recommending to the shura the starting days of the Ramadan and 2 Eids
Determing with scholars help the amount for Zakat-ul-Fitr and help Treasure with disbursement.
Recommend and Maintain list of Khutba speakers and Eid Khutba.
Maintain daily prayer leads list.
Ramadan activites/programs and Taraweeh arrangements.
Work with scholars for setup of timings of daily prayers and annoucments for same.
Designing various religious programs for ICF with the help of scholars.


Committee Members

Adeel Haq Lead
Azfar Saeed Co-Lead
Saad S. Siddiqi Member

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