The New Muslims Committee is dedicated to provide a cohesive and inclusive space for new Muslims by empowerment, representation, and mentorship, as a mean towards fostering genuine brotherhood and sisterhood within the community.


Facilitating a peer buddy (big brother/big sister) program for new Muslims that have recently accepted Islam.

Educating the Shura/Community about the needs and struggles of new Muslims.

Empowering new Muslims/Reverts for community engagement.

Providing resources and networking for new Muslims through educational seminars and classes held at the Masjid with the guidance of our scholars.

Creating a support structure for new Muslims.

Maintaining a list of Muslims that enter Islam within our community.


Committee Members

Saad Riazuddin Lead
Saba Ilyas Co-Lead
Vernon Rolla Community Liason
Jason Community Liason
Tiffany Community Liason
Sarah Paul Community Liason
Semra Zamurad Community Liason
Fareha Baig Community Liason


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