The main goal of the Sister’s committee at ICF is to serve the various educational and social needs of Women in the community. By the grace of Allah, the number of sisters that attend ICF activities and events has been increasing every year. This has enabled us to provide many more activities, classes and social events for all sisters to take advantage of.

  • The sisters committee is solely for our sisters to help bring their issues and concerns to Shura’s notice, Shura is therein responsible to take appropriate actions. Sister’s committee act as a messenger between the sisters and the community. This does not delegate responsibility of ICF BoD to sisters committee.
  • Please know that the Sisters committee was formed as a bridge between the sisters in the community and the Shura. We are available to bring sisters concerns and requests to the attention of Shura, but sister’s committee is NOT the ICF BoD.
  • We are the Sisters Spokesperson.
  • In addition to larger events, the Sisters’ Committee also coordinates education, social service, and community service projects. Some past accomplishments: Special Sister’s only halaqas, Sister’s Daure -Quran with kids program, other Ramadan and Eid activities, educational seminars, fundraisers for the Masjid, and day-to-day set up and volunteer for various programs at the Masjid.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding women’s activities at Frisco Masjid, or if you are new to town and would like to get familiar with all the activities offered here at ICF, please feel free to contact us and we would be glad to assist you.

May Allah accept all our sincere efforts to please Him.

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Committee Members
  • Vernon Rolla
  • Najma Grimaldi