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Full Time Hifdh


The Full-Time Hifdh program strives to achieve the following: 

  1. Create a generation of Huffadh of the Book of Allah to preserve its content from any distortion, addition, and deviation.
  2. Produce a generation of Huffadh from the community to lead Taraweeh and carry on the legacy of the institution and tradition.
  3. Strengthen the connection of our children with the Masjid.
  4. Elevate the Quranic studies and memorization through goals and intentions of pursuing higher Islamic education.
  5. Prepare our students to represent ICF Qur’an Academy (ICFQA) in local, national, and international Quran competitions.
  6. Help and support instructors through professional development and student management.

This program will allow your child to begin their journey in Hifdh of the Holy Quran by memorizing it through meaning and action. Along with memorization, Quranic Arabic, Islamic Studies will be provided. Students are expected to complete the whole Qur’an in three years followed by 6 months for Mura’jaat (Revision). 


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In the Part Time Hifdh program, we focus on three key areas:

Recitation/Tilawat Memorization/Hifdh Comprehension Application/Tatbeeg
In this stage students will be able to :
  • Perfect their Tajweed and pronunciation.
  • Learn the art of Tilawat (recitation with a melodious voice)
  • Build their confidence when reciting in public events/gatherings.
In this stage, students will be able to:
  • Start their journey in memorizing the Quran according to their pace/level.
  • Become familiar with the innovative methods and techniques that will help them memorize efficiently.
  • Lead Taraweeh in the month of Ramadan.
  • Participate in local, national, and international Quran competitions.
  • Memorize Tuhft Al-Atfal & Al-Jazariyyah poem
In this stage, students will:
  • Start their journey with Quranic Arabic in order to understand what they recite.
  • Understand at least 85% of the Quranic words by the time they graduate.
In this stage, students will:
  • Learn basic Aqeedah (creed) concepts (such as the Pillars of Islam and Imaan)
  • Basic Fiqh rules (purification, Salah, etc)
  • Seerah (Life of the Prophet PBUH)
  • Adaab (Islamic Manners)
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