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Quick Start Guide

Please follow the below steps to login and successfully enter the virtual classroom. The instructions are described very simply. If you still have problem, please email at tech@friscomasjid.org

  • Enter the Login information you have been provided
  • Press the Login button
        Login icf
  • You will be logged into your account at friscomasjid.org
  • Go to the menu bar below and choose VIP > Online Classes > Sunday School
       menubar icf
  • This will land you on the Sunday School main page with Schedule and Grades links to Classrooms
  • Once you click on your Grade from the given list, your classroom will open
  • Your name will be automatically displayed in the text box
  • Go to the JOIN button and press to enter
  • The session opens and shows the following screen
  • Choose the Microphone and wait for it to connect
  • In the next step, it will show the following screen
  • Press the Green thumbs up and enter the classroom
  • Your MIC will be mute by default
  • Do not UnMute until your Teacher calls your name
  • Reply to your teacher on your turn
  • If you wish to ask a question, you can raise your hand by clicking on your name as follows,
  • Once you are done your class, End Meeting from the top right corner

Any issues please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - Keep in mind that to avoid any difficulties during the day of the class please go through these steps prior to the class.

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