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Student Controls

Yes, you can mute your students by clicking on their names. When you click on a student's name the following options appear,
  1. Chat: Your message will go to the selected student.
  2. Mute User: You can mute the selected student.
  3. Make Presenter: If you want your student to present an assignment, you can make them presenter.
  4. Remove User: You can exit a student.
  5. Promote to Moderator: A student can become a helper in the classroom by moderating controls.
There is a settings icon on the top right of the Users box, it has the following options;
  1. Clear all status icons
  2. Mute all users
  3. Mute all users except the presenter
  4. Lock viewers
  5. Create breakout rooms
These options restrict the users/students from doing specific actions. When you press the Lock Viewers, the following options appear;
  1. Webcam
  2. See other viewers webcams
  3. Microphone
  4. Public chat
  5. Private chat
You can select any option you want to restrict for a selected student.
The addition of breakout rooms will enable instructors to increase collaboration among students. It is an additional means of student engagement; use breakout rooms to encourage small group discussion, collaboration, and cooperation amongst students. To create the break room,
  1. Select Create Break rooms from the Settings icon dropdown
  2. A pop module will open
  3. Select how many break rooms you want i.e. 2
  4. Choose the duration of the break rooms, you want the students to be in them i.e. 15 minutes
  5. Select students from the Not Assigned box to the rooms you want them to be in
  6. Click Create
  7. Break Out Rooms will appear on the Classroom left panel
  8. Join the breakout rooms
  9. End sessions
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