Through the interfaith and outreach committee, our goal is to build bridges of understanding between Americans of all faiths through collaboration, communication, commitment, and by working towards the common good. Our vision, mission and objectives are outlined below:

Vision: To be the advocates of Islam in the West by promoting its genuine image.

Mission: To be a resource of comprehensive Islamic education and information dissemination through outreach within and outside the Muslim community.

Objectives: The Islamic Center of Frisco Interfaith and Outreach Committee strives to:

  • Provide complete and accurate information about Islam and Muslims to the general public.
  • Convey information about Islam through our website and newsletter.
  • Host Mosque open houses with presentations on Islam to groups and individuals.
  • Provide Islam-101 courses for Muslims and People of other faiths
  • Assist new converts to Islam with learning the basics of the faith and its practices, as well as assisting them with their social needs.

To accomplish this task, we have a range of activities including lectures, seminars, Feed the Hungry, and breaking bread.

Committee Members
  • Rizwan Sheikh
  • Waseam Hyder
  • Vernon Rolla