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Jahan Meer

Jahan Meer – Candidate for ‘Member’ ICF Shura

Candidate’s Agenda:

§ Growth in Daily Prayers Participation.
§ Expansion Support (Fund raising to completion IA).
§ Self-Sustaining Operating Model: Financial model to cover majority of masjid’s expenses through its operations.
§ Masjid’s Community Giveback Initiatives:Offer initiatives to community such as Healthcare, Scholarships, JV’s, Research Initiatives, Employer connections, etc.
§ Islamic School: Need a permanent Islamic institution for our Frisco area’s youth.
§ Political Future: Create and groom our youth for future leadership in the United States political system.


Passion: Serving Allah SWT, supporting and helping the Muslim community to grow and prosper. Build stronger youth, create leaders, with long-term future in mind.

Prior Community Focus:

§ Involved with the original Frisco mussullaa and the community since 2009.
§ Involved with various masajids in the United States since 1999.
§ Worked as an executive in a large Church-based non-profit (Adventist Health System, owned by 7thDay Adventist Church), a multi-billion-dollar organization
   focused on serving humanity with an annual budget of  $ 500-700 M for community support.
§ Supported various Community, City, State, wide public service projects and initiatives.
§ Helped various other non-profit organizations through fund raising, growth and expansion programs for community support.

Current Involvement:Actively supporting and working with three Masajids and one Mussulla across multiple states in the U.S. Would like to serve the Frisco community and the masjid IA.

Professional / Business Background:

– Worked for Top 4 Management Consulting firms for 8 years, focused on Mergers & Acquisitions, NY Stock Exchange, Global Markets & Transformation.
– Own multiple companies (management consulting, tech and real estate investments), and affiliated with a couple of large management consulting organizations.
– Have built and managed global  teams, driven difficult teams to positive results successfully, with large scale, multi-million $$ global programs and budgets.
– Executed and managed large global financial transactions with full legal and compliance accountability.

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