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Jerjees Mirza

Jerjees Hassan Mirza – Candidate for ‘Member’ ICF Shura


Alhumdullilahi Rabbi Aalameen, this is a great blessing of Allah swt that Allah swt made us among the people on Emaan and in the Ummah of Rasool Ullah SAW. Allah swt has sent us in this world for his Worship and do best of the deeds and to strive to be among the people of Jannah.

Insha’Allah I want to promote the Hifz program in our masjid Incorporating secular education. Frisco masjid must have a platform Providingquality education in preparation of our students becoming future leaders as Islamic scholars, huffaz, and professionals.

I understand the challenges parents of full time hifz students undertake, as father of kids currently enrolled in full time hifz program.

Insha’Allah with the Great Team of Scholars we have, I want to work with the team to Populate our Masjid as is the Right of the masjid to be populated.

Insha’Allah to Promote Youth programs/Education to our youth closer to Allah SWT.

Insha’Allah to work with our Scholars to make Frisco Masjid Populated with the Deeds/Activities as used to be done in the Masjid of Prophet SAW in Madinatul Munawara.

Insha’Allah to work with Board to accomplish the Expansion project of our Masjid.

I have been Frisco Resident since 2008 and has been working in Telecommunication Industry for the past 14 years.


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