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Member Run-Off 2017 Shura Election

2017 ICF Election Commission


Member Run-Off 2017 Shura Election


According to November 26, 2017 elections results there was a tie between two candidates for the 8th and final Board Member post, both candidates Mr. Shaheer Ali and Mr. Shahzad Mirza received same number of votes.


In order to break this tie and select one member between these two candidates, ICF Election Commission will hold a Run-Off Election on Sunday December 10, 2017 at Frisco Masjid between 2:00pm to 7:30pm, result will be announced right after the Isha salat.


For this Run-Off election same rules of general elections will be applied to cast the vote. Only registered members according to the May 26, 2017 posted list will be allowed to vote. Registered members need to show their government issued ID to confirm their identity.


Run-Off Election Candidates are:


Shaheer Ali




Shahzad Mirza



Election Commissioner Muhammad Habib will be out of the country in his absence Asim Zaman will serve as the acting Election Commissioner.



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