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Sponsored an Orphan for a year and one month with a total of $800″, “Participated in Feed Your Neighbor program in Masjid-Al-Islam and help the hungry

Goal To unite together as the youth, provide service to the community and motivate others to become leaders of the community.
Audience Brothers and Sisters – Age 12+
Accomplishments Organizing a food drive and collecting over 200+ food items for the Frisco Food Pantry, organizing several youth speaker events with big speakers, helping ICNA relief organize a toy drive, help in organizing other big DFW Youth events and volunteering for an Islamic Art Revival event.
Email ICFYouth@friscomasjid.org
icfyouth@yahoogroups.com (Official Yahoo Group)
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Committee Members

  • Shariq Ahmed
  • Jerjees Mirza
  • Naushad Ahmed
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