Tajweed 101 - Fall 2019

Course Description:

This course will put the student on the correct path to studying and memorizing the Qur’an with proper recitation by providing students with a strong foundation of topics covered.

Course Highlights:

  • A brief introduction to the Science & History of Tajweed
  • Makharij al Huroof (points of articulation)
  • Tafkheem & Tarqeeq
  • Rules of Noon Sakina & Tanwin
  • Opportunities for students to recite and have corrections made by the Shaykh
  • Bonus: Tips on How to Memorize Qur’an

Example Video:

 Correct Your Recitation https://youtu.be/BKQ93aaLR5Q


Shaykh Salah Mahmoud
Graduate of Al-Azher University
Imam Frisco Masjid

Course Duration

Date: Aug 31st - Nov 23rd
Time: Saturdays, 12pm - 1:45pm


$75 for the entire course (See combo discount below)


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“ICNA Long Island decided to partner with Shaykh Salah Mahmoud due to the void in the community for a quality Tajweed program.

In Long Island, ICNA NY has a large center “ICNA Nassau Community Center,” which is an ideal location for families to come together to get involved in various Islamic activities. With the Tajweed Intensive class, we received an amazing response from the community. We quickly
reached max capacity for the first course, and still had a waiting list of registrants. Due to the great reviews, we decided to open a second class to cope with the demand of the community.

Shaykh Salah’s teaching style and interactive methods have really made an impact on the students. We feel blessed that through partnerships with amazing Instructor like shaykh Salah and ICNA Long Island, we can provide our community with quality education and training so our community members do not have to travel far distances,
or to various parts of the country to get the knowledge they wish to seek. This partnership offers a chance to grow the skill sets of individual members, and in turn create a more vibrant community inshaAllah.

In my personal journey to learn Tajweed, I was searching for the right teacher who could help encourage and improve my reading. I enrolled in Shaykh Salah’s Tajweed Intensive class, not knowing what to expect but hoping that he can would be the teacher I’ve been searching for all
along. After spending a few weeks in class with him, I’ve been motivated by him to continue practicing my recitation of the Quran. He has helped improve my pronunciations and clarified pronunciation of alphabets that I’ve been pronouncing incorrectly all my life. He’s
taught us about the different parts of the tongue and throat how to pronounce the letters from them correctly.  He is funny, provides students with personal attention, and is genuinely trying to help people improve their Quranic reading. I encourage whoever would like
to take this journey, to enroll with Noon Institute and be inspired to learn about Tajweed in order to become closer to Allah (swt) through his Book and its proper recitation.

-Humayun Haq
 ICNA Long Island President

Arabic 101 - Fall 2019

What will you learn?

  • Learn how to read, write and speak arabic
  • Proven program from the University of Madinah


Shaykh Fazal Bari
Graduate of Madinah University
Founder, Hidaayah Institute

Course Duration

Date: Aug 31st - Nov 23rd
Time: Saturdays, 10am - 11:45am


$75 for the entire course (See combo discount below)


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Tajweed 101/Arabic 101 Combo - Fall 2019

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Tajweed 101 Instructor

Shaykh Salah Mahmoud

Shaykh Salah Mahmoud was born in Egypt. He completed hifdh of the Holy Qur’an at the age of 10. He earned his B.A. in Islamic Studies from the prestigious Al-Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt and continued his education to obtain various valuable Ijazaat in Qur’an.
Previously, Shaykh Salah has served as an Imam in both Jamaica Muslim Center and The Muslim American Society of Queens in New York City.
Prior to joining to ICF, he was the head of the Islamic Studies & Qur’an Department at Brighter Horizons Academy and also served as a visiting Imam at various Masajid in Dallas, TX.
In his free time Shaykh Salah loves to play soccer and table tennis. He enjoys putting his chaplaincy skills to help others.
Shaykh Salah is married and has one child and has been living in USA for more than 8 years.
He speaks Arabic, English, and is learning Urdu for his newborn baby who is an American-Pakistani-Egyptian.
Shaykh Salah Mahmoud joined Islamic Center of Frisco in July 2019.

Arabic 101 Instructor

Shaykh Fazal Bari

Graduate of Madinah University