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Vernon Rolla

Candidate for Shura Member – Vernon Rolla

My name is Vernon Rolla and I have been part of this community since 2008. I am an executive in the Healthcare field along with owning a few businesses with my wife. I am a native Texan and I served in the United States Air Force. I currently serve as a Shura member, if given another opportunity to serve again I feel I would be a great asset to the community. Myself along with another brother started Deen Study Group (DSG), the group provided a safe, non-cultural, and non-judgmental environment to obtain a solid foundation of Deen. The group consists of several categories of Muslims which includes those who accepted the faith, those who were born into the faith and those who were curious about the faith. Because of attending the classes at the masjid and at my home, some of those curious about the faith took their Shahadah, this of course was by Allah’s will. In sha Allah, if given another opportunity to serve on the Shura, I will continue to bring things back to the basics, promote total equality and justice for everyone.

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