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Yahia Hammad

Candidate for Shura Member – Yahia Hammad

My name is Yahia Hammad, married and fulltime transportation driver for Uber. I came to America in 2011 continue to thrive to remain pious in making sure I make Islam my priority in everything I do four Allah.

My mission:
To seek the approval of Allah by reaching the hearts of ALL Muslims with the amazing message of Islam.

My Vision and Goals:
If elected, my goal would be to:

  1. To make sure all Islamic resources and information are made available to Muslims of our community to keep in compliance with Islamic Principals.
  2. Create events for Muslim families to come together during a fun day at the park or masjid.
  3. Create events for Muslim couples to share dinner and spend time together.
  4. Make sure the youth have sport activities to participate in for both male and female while reaching out to other Masjid communities who have youth sport activities and setup competitions against each other for fun.
  5. Have classes for ALL who would like to learn Arabic, Quran, Hadith, Tafser ie.
  6. Provide Muslim business who agree to give discounts to our Muslims in our community a way to entrepreneur their business.
  7. Provide classes to youth and single Muslims to keep their deen and remain pious to Allah before marriage.

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