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Through the interfaith and outreach committee, our goal is to build bridges of understanding between Americans of all faiths through collaboration, communication, commitment, and by working towards the common good.

Committee Lead: Izzat Khan

Committee Co-Lead: Muddassir Hassan

Religious Scholars: Shayk Salah Mahmoud & Sheikh Mubeen Kamani

Committee Members:

  • Sadaf Haq
  • Sabah Ilyas
  • Summar Shoaib
  • Mohammed Tanveer
  • Amber Shoaib
  • Fareha Baig


To be the advocates of Islam in the West by promoting its genuine image.


To be a resource of comprehensive Islamic education and information dissemination through outreach within and outside the Muslim community.


The Islamic Center of Frisco Interfaith and Outreach Committee members, under the guidance of our Resident Scholar, will strive to:

  1. Provide complete and accurate information about Islam and Muslims to the community.
  2. Provide educational courses which highlight the basic tenants of Islam and help in strengthen our interfaith and dawah knowledge base for all committee members.
  3. Convey information about Islam through publications, events, and social media.
  4. Collaborate with the city, school district, and various Faith-based organizations to educate, inform, and to showcase our commonalties while respecting our differences.
  5. Host 2-3 Open House events with presentations on Islam to community.
  6. Arrange activities which allow us to help our community to strengthen our bonds, build bridges, and dispel hatred. Activities including lectures, seminars, Community Service events, and Interfaith Iftar, Daughter of Faith (Sisters Group), Global Village.
For questions or comments email: interfaith@friscomasjid.org
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