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External Speakers Selection Policy


For a public institution such as the Islamic Center of Frisco (ICF), it is vital to uphold our Islamic standards. If someone were to use our facilities to promote hatred or violence this would be against our Islamic Code of Conduct and Ethics. The good work of the ICF could be seriously undermined if a speaker here were to bring us into disrepute. Therefore, ICF may refuse or cancel any external speakers where it deems it is in its own interest to do so. Overall, this policy aims to achieve several specific objectives, including:

● Adhere to Islamic Code of Conduct and Ethics

● To protect the reputation of ICF.

● Ensure zero-tolerance policy towards any speakers known allegations (proven guilty or not) and subject to background checks.

● To ensure the facilities of ICF are not used as a platform to cause offense, or to promote intolerance, hatred, sexual harassment, or violence.

● To provide a framework for determining the suitability of a proposed speaker.

● To protect freedom of speech in accordance with the law and foster and promote community cohesion.

● Adhere to ICF dress code guidelines


External Speakers Request Process

Request to invite external speakers can come from:

● ICF Shura

● ICF religious leadership team.

● Any of the ICF chartered and approved committees to fulfill the needs of various events and programs organized by these committees

● Any external organization. All requests should be emailed to shura@friscomasjid.org along with the speaker biodata and requesting organization incorporation details and tax status.


External Speakers Vetting Process

All external speakers must go through the following vetting process prior to approval of their visit to ICF.

● A criminal background check must be performed through a reputable service. Exception to this requirement can be made for speakers that are:

  • Currently employed by another institution, ICF Shura reasonably believes that the institution has completed pre-employment background checks.
  • Volunteer for another institution and ICF Shura reasonably believes that the institution performs background checks on all volunteers.

● ICF Shura and/or ICF religious leadership team obtains at least one reference for the speaker.

● ICF Shura and/or ICF religious leadership team and/or ICF committee to ensure that there are no known active investigations of misconduct in personal or professional capacity against the speaker.

● ICF Shura and/or ICF religious leadership team and/or ICF committee to ensure that there are no known allegations of misconduct in personal or professional capacity against the speaker (proven guilty or not).

● In case Shura does not have female representation, ICF Shura liaison will consult with the Sister Committee regarding the invited Speaker and convey their agreement to invite or concerns about speakers to the ICF Shura.

ICF Shura reserves the right to refuse or rescind invitation to any external speakers that:

● May present a threat to public disorder.

● May promote or incite hatred or violence against others.

● May risk alienating the ICF beneficiaries or supporters.

● May embroil the ICF or its Management in disrepute.

● May cause offense to other users or disrupt other activities of the ICF.

● May breach the ICF Speakers Policy.

● Has a known allegation (proven guilty or not).

In addition to the issues above, the ICF shura has the right to reject proposed event or speakers that may present issues that contradict ICF’s own ethos and mission.

Prohibition of Political Campaigning by Speakers

In order to comply with ICF 501(c)3 tax status, we do not allow the promotion of any political party or candidate, nor do we allow our facilities to be used to canvas people. We do, however, encourage people to take part in democratic processes, such as voting in elections. For example, we may allow:

● A serving public office holder to participate in an event as part of their normal duties.

● Pre-election forums where all candidates are allowed equal opportunity to answer questions from and of relevance to the local community.

Enforcement of this policy

All ICF stakeholders must be made aware of this policy and will be informed of its contents.

Prospective external speakers must be given a copy of this policy. Once a request for an external speaker has been received by ICF, we will follow the vetting process outlined in this document.

Based on the vetting process ICF Shura may decide one of the following:

● To allow the speaker visit to proceed unchanged.

● To require the speaker, change the subject matter, named speakers, publicity material, or any other aspect of the speaking engagement deemed necessary by the ICF

● To refuse to invite the speaker.

● Even if a speaker has been allowed, there may be circumstances in which the ICF may later decide to cancel the speaker visit.

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