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The Sisters Committee (SC) is a group of dedicated sisters that strive to engage and connect with Muslim women in our community. SC is dedicated to fostering a climate that welcomes sisters and other segments of our community to pursue an active role within our masajid. SC’s mission is to augment spiritual fellowship through engaging activities, invigorating classes, and wholesome social events. Through active leadership, SC aims to empower sisters (young and old) and give voice to the growing and diverse population of Muslims within Frisco.

Committee Members

Azfar Saeed Shura Liaison
  For questions or Comments Email: contact@friscomasjid.org


The Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم (said, “Make things easy for the people, and do not make it difficult for them, and make them calm (with glad tidings) and do not repulse (them).

SC’s vision is to represent the Muslim women of the Frisco community in all affairs. This committee provides a fundamental service to ICF and the Frisco Community at large, by helping the association understand and learn how to harness the energies and talents of more than half
of the community it pledges to serve: the women.


To serve the Muslim women of Frisco and surrounding community by providing services and organizing events/activities deemed to be of benefit to all age groups


The Islamic Center of Frisco Sisters’ Committee members, under the guidance of our scholars and taking into account the need at hand, will strive to:

  1. SC Lead member position holds the highest expectation in Sisters’. Planning, participation, coordination for different events, communication with other members of the group. Commitment and a professional work ethic is a requirement.
  2. SC Lead member position is held for a term to coincide with the term of the Board of Directors. Continuation of each SC lead member is not guaranteed and recommendations will be made for continuation accordingly.
  3. Each SC Lead member is expected to dress in a manner that is respectful of the Islamic Dress Code and the Qur’an and Sunnah. All clothing should be modest, appropriate, and set a positive example.
  4. Each SC Lead is tasked with maintaining a group of SC volunteers with whom they can interact and delegate responsibility on an as needed basis per events scheduled.
  5. Each SC Lead member will also be tasked to take lead in order to distribute opportunities for leadership equally. Support to be provided always by the remaining committee members.
  6. SC Lead member will contact the appropriate person in a timely manner if unable to fulfill their assigned/scheduled responsibilities.
  7. Actions deemed not worthy of this SC Lead role may have consequences. All situations will be handled with the utmost care in respecting all parties. Conflict resolution will be the first priority within the SC before involving the Board. Consequences may range from disciplinary action to removal from the SC Lead member position.
  8. SC Lead member will help facilitate offering more opportunities for sisters and other community members whose voices remain unheard to attend the masjid through activities, classes and events.
  9. SC Lead member will help ensure a safe, clean and adequate area for women at our facility.
  10. SC Lead member will help enable opportunities which provide educational and spiritual
  11. SC Lead member will help to increase female membership and leadership.
  12. SC Lead member will help create more opportunities for partnerships with other organizations, small business, etc.
  13. SC Lead member will help develop a wider social media presence. They are expected to maintain their events invites and Facebook posts to reflect relevant information to be shared and help promote attendance
  14. SC Lead member will help enable and facilitate event management catering specifically to the needs of Sisters and children
  15. SC Lead member will help provide guidance on the needs for educational classes, orums, and support group as needed by either ICF or within the community.

Duties (to involve various aspects including but not limited to):

  1. Event mgmt. (set up/clean up, décor)
  2. Support for various ICF events
  3. Prayer mgmt. (Jumuaah, Eid)
  4. Family Night mgmt.
  5. Ramadan- Iftar
  6. Ramadan- Taraweeh
  7. Ramadan- Last 10 days
  8. Various Classes (Religious or Educational)
  9. All SC Sponsored Events

Core Committee Members

  • Rafia Shujaat (Shura Lead)
  • Maria Batla (Shura Co-Lead)
  • Humera Saleem
  • Zaufishan Ali
  • Sadaf Haq Saadia Ahmed
  • Rana Riazuddin
  • Mehvish Sheikh
  • Gohar Furkan (new)
  • Mouna Boutaarit (new)
  • Mouna Bin Hamid (new)

Additional Members to be added after careful screening, consultation with Sister’s lead and keeping in ind the need for more diversity.

Contact email contact@friscomasjid.org


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