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Join Our Community Fundraising Campaign Team!

Are you passionate about making a difference? Do you have innovative ideas and a strategic mindset? We need you!

Seeking Dedicated Volunteers!

We are looking for committed and enthusiastic individuals to lead and drive strategic initiatives and execute various fundraising (FR) campaigns. Your contribution can make a significant impact in our community!

Volunteer Responsibilities:

  • Innovative Income Generating Ideas

    • Brainstorm and develop creative fundraising methods.

  • Investment Case Studies & P&L Analysis

    • Analyze potential investments and conduct profit and loss assessments.

  • Campaign Ideas & Execution

    • Plan, launch, and manage fundraising campaigns from start to finish.

  • Donation Collections at Major Events

    • Organize and oversee donation collections during significant events.

  • Travel (as required)

    • Be ready to travel for events and meetings when necessary.

  • Commitment: 3-4 Hours Weekly

    • Dedicate a few hours each week to our initiatives.

  • Outreach to Potential Donors & Sponsors

    • Contact potential donors and sponsors to gain support for our campaigns.

  • Event Planning

    • Collaborate with a team of volunteers to organize and execute fundraising events.

  • Donor Data Management & Analysis

    • Maintain and analyze donor information to optimize fundraising efforts.

Why Volunteer with Us?

  • Make a Difference

    • Your efforts will directly impact the success of our fundraising campaigns.

  • Skill Development

    • Gain valuable experience in strategic planning, data analysis, and event management.

  • Networking

    • Connect with like-minded individuals and expand your professional network.

  • Flexible Commitment

    • Manage your volunteer hours around your personal schedule.

Interested in Joining?

Contact us today at fr@friscomasjid.org to learn more about this exciting opportunity and how you can contribute to our mission. Together, we can achieve great things!

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