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Fundraising Committee

Under the Shura guidance, the Fundraising (FR2018) Committee is dedicated to raise funds, increase involvement and awareness in regards to fundraising in the community for both Construction and Operational needs.


  • Facilitating the logistics for a FR (Planning, Scheduling, Marketing, Site Management, Speakers Coordination, Volunteers Coordination, etc)
  • Empowering the community for volunteer engagement
  • Educating the community on the needs for funds (Construction and/or Operations), other special purpose projects.
  • Following thru for collection of funds after the FR events
  • Enhancing the donor tracking system
  • Capturing lessons learnt to be utilized for future

Committee Members

Azfar Saeed Lead
Arif Faizan Co-Lead


For questions or comments, please email fr@friscomasjid.org

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