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ICF is CLOSED COMPLETELY until further notice due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus). Read the details here  

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Friday Jummah and Speaker Schedule
  Jumma 1 (1.45pm) Jumma 2 (2.45pm)
Mar 6 Shaykh Salah Br.Amir Muriby
Mar 13 Ustadh Mohamed Bajour Shaykh Shakil
Mar 20 Sh. Munzir Taleb   Sh. Mubeen
Mar 27 Shaykh Salah Shaykh Shakil
Daily Imam Schedule for Prayers
Fajr Duhr Asr Magrib Isha
Mon  Shaykh Salah  Hafiz Abdul Wahid  Shaykh Shakeel  Shaykh Salah  Shaykh Salah
Tue  Shaykh Salah  Hafiz Abdul Wahid  Shaykh Shakeel  Shaykh Salah  Shaykh Salah
Wed  Shaykh Shakeel Hafiz Abdul Wahid   Shaykh Mubeen  Shaykh Mubeen Shaykh Shakeel
Thu  Shaykh Shakeel  Hafiz Abdul Wahid  Shaykh Mubeen  Shaykh Shakeel  Shaykh Shakeel
Fri  Shaykh Salah  Jumma Khateeb  Shaykh Mubeen/Shaykh Salah  Shaykh Salah  Shaykh Salah
Sat  Shaykh Salah  Shaykh Mubeen  Shaykh Mubeen  Shaykh Salah  Shaykh Salah
Sun  Shaykh Salah  Shaykh Shakeel  Shaykh Shakeel  Shaykh Salah  Shaykh Salah


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