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Virtual CONNECT Online Preschool Classroom

RARE Learning is a licensed academic preschool program which held in-person classes at the Islamic Center of Frisco before the pandemic. 

Rare Learning has since pivoted to provide online synchronous learning through ZOOM. 
RARE Learning Virtual CONNECT! Is our online format. We believe it was vital for our learners to have the opportunity to continue learning to meet their academic goals.   Programs we are currently offering are:
1.Moms & Tots - 2 to 3 year olds. 
2. RARE Virtual CONNECT - online preschool classroom for 3-5 year olds.
Our online classes have proven very successful due to parents choosing to continue their child's education during this challenging time.  
Each of our learners has the opportunity to interact with their teachers and classmates. 
Every class is unique, dynamic, and provides engaging, well-planned lessons for early learning concepts in English, Arabic language, math, science, and art.  Our classes also include themed activities that encourage little learners to be curious and imaginative. 
Math and Language breakout sessions cater to multiple academic levels in class, While also inviting guest speakers to enhance our student’s learning. 
Additional supplemental learning is assigned on Google Classroom, such as MEGA projects, Weekend math and reading challenge work, and students’ individual level work packets to reinforce their learning at home. We also hold socials to mark holidays such as Eid and celebrate with virtual picnics!
Alhumdulillah, It is a privilege to have the opportunity to serve the ICF community and we would truly appreciate the chance to serve more learners from the community. 
If you have any family, friends, neighbors, or colleagues who are searching for solutions for their preschool aged children’s educational needs, please let them know about your positive experience with RARE Learning Virtual CONNECT!. As this is an online class, students from other cities and states are welcome to join!
We offer a referral discount to both you and the student you refer upon registration along with a sibling discount for multiple students.So please encourage your friends to take our FREE trial class offer! 
This is a great opportunity for parents wanting to help their child progress into learning virtually. Great reviews from satisfied clients are decisive to those who haven’t heard of our services yet.   
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