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The purpose of this committee is to oversee the marketing activities at the Islamic Center of Frisco including comprehensive digital and social media strategy. The committee provides direction on marketing/communication objectives, positioning, desired branding, and initiatives that support ICF's mission and objective. To service and engage the community through effective communication using different platforms. To bring inclusivity for all communities and promote goodwill and understanding at large using technology. 

Committee Members:

  Nasir Khan   Shura Liaison
  Adil Khan   Chairperson
      Vice Chairperson
      For questions or comments, please email marketingadmins@friscomasjid.org


The Marketing Committee ("Committee") shall exist for the purpose of assisting the Islamic Center of Frisco (“Center”) Board of Directors (“Board”) in promoting and branding the center, to create a bridge between the community and the Center, use social media and PR resources to increase the impact. This Committee shall serve at the direction of and at the pleasure of the Board. This Committee shall have no authority to speak on behalf of the Board or to bind the Center financially or contractually.


The Marketing Committee is committed to providing compelling and innovative promotional and marketing materials in order to enhance ICF's programs and communication in general. We also want to embrace diversity through images and storytelling that relate to and advocate for people of different backgrounds.


Responsibilities of this Committee include, but not be limited to, the following:

  • Maintain organized folder for Marketing.
  • Recruit and maintain a standing team of volunteers for various activities. Provide certification of volunteer hours to student volunteers duly signed by the President of the Center or by the designated Board of Directors.
  • Provide a snapshot of achievements approved by the Board to be included in the annual general meeting presentation.
  • Perform any other duties assigned by the Board from time to time.
Social Media & PR:
  • Brainstorm ideas for the Center’s social media accounts, every month.
  • The social media team will have a monthly calendar to promote the various posts in addition to the event flyers.
  • In coordination with the Shuyukh, create posts as quotes, and everyday actions tied with the Islamic perspective.
  • Feature someone/something from the community, be it
    • Stand-out volunteers at the Center
    • The Center has some active participation going on such as bake sale, scouts, etc
    • Cover an event happening at the Center
    • Promote the services provided by the Center
    • Promote any activity in partnership or collaboration with another organization
  • For PR, the team will work on growing relationships with members and donors involving different media factors in Dallas such as Radio, Podcasts etc.
Graphic Design:
  • Focus on branding the Center and bringing consistency to the designed materials
  • Design marketing materials as needed by the Center
    • Event Flyers
    • Community Invites
    • Display Posters
    • Personalized Gifts
  • The design work will be done according to the rules specified below.
  • Review designs and approval before sending the material to the social media team
Digital Media:
  • Planning on the growth of the Center’s digital presence such as
    • You Tube
    • Instagram/Facebook Live
    • Podcasts
    • Behind-the-scenes videos
  • Photographer(s) will be a part of all events depending on the need
  • Photographer can be hired for advanced help if needed
  • All work will be made available in a timely manner to keep the submission latest on social media
  • Video sharing will make the Center part of the virtual community, link various sites together, and provide avenues for feedback
  • Integrating video submissions in the social media calendar for monthly plans
Email Marketing:
  • Newsletter consistent with the Center’s branding
  • Making it a medium of communication between the community and the Center such as
    • Shuyukh talking about a hadith or a story
    • A blurb from any leader from the masjid
    • Event flyers
  • Sent out every Friday and whenever needed

Design Administrator:

  • Providing support for the Marketing team
  • Keeping track of all the events on the Marketing calendar
  • Keeping track of the ticketing system, sort the DECLINE Tickets VS RESOLVE Tickets
  • Work on Canva announcements whenever needed
  • Maintain the organization in the Shared Marketing Team Folder
  • Attend all team meetings and take notes for Minutes of Meetings

Volunteer Opportunities:

To apply for volunteer positions in Marketing, fill out the form below.
Please SEE BELOW for details on each position. 

All Positions:

  • Able to dedicate time and follow schedule when work is assigned 
  • Able to respond to text or email messages in proper amount of time
  • Some prior experience required 
  • Volunteer hours and letters of recommendation are available
  • Hours vary by position 
  • Multiple skills a plus
  • Google Drive skills a plus
  • Portfolio and/or examples required 
  • Extensive Islamic knowledge is a plus
  • Able to work independently or as part of a team 
  • Work varied hours

Male Photographer

  • Help during family events by taking pictures of speakers and audience 
  • Extensive knowledge of photography methods 
  • Ability to use different cameras and lens
  • Ability to meet deadlines  
  • Good communication skills 
  • Ability to work per masjid needs
  • Adobe Photoshop skills are a plus
  • A certified drone pilot from the FAA is a plus 

Video Editor

  • Assemble raw video footage and put it into the proper timeline 
  • Creative mind on how to make video more attractive 
  • Follow up with team leads on how the video is looking 
  • Input sound to enhance video footage
  • Digital splicing of film and videos to improve quality
  • Improve and correct lighting & coloring as needed 
  • Able to work 5-15 volunteer hours weekly or more depending on needs
  • Knowledge of Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Cloud
  • Knowledge of Adobe After Effects
  • Knowledge of Google Drive
  • Able to provide examples of previous work 
  • Video filming is a plus

Social Media Team Member:

  • Help create attractive social media posts daily to help gain a following and more likes on posts. 
  • Help build larger following growth on all ICF platforms, including but not limited to Facebook, Instagram, email distribution, and YouTube.  
  • Help create attractive daily and weekly newsletters
  • Help manage the ICF YouTube page and promote growth
  • Schedule social media post using Meta Business
  • Able to work 7-12 volunteer hours weekly depending on the needs of the masjid.
  • Knowledge of Meta Business Suite
  • Knowledge of Constant Contact and email marketing software
  • Working in YouTube Studio
  • Able to fluently read and write in English
  • Able to fluently read and write in Arabic is a plus

Graphic Designer 

  • Help design marketing promotional materials from the provided information 
  • Create unique flyers and materials that stand out 
  • Able to pay attention to the smallest of details
  • Basic knowledge of design techniques.
  • Knowledge of Adobe InDesign
  • Knowledge of Canva  
  • Able to Initiateand work independently
  • Able to meet and exceed deadlines
  • Work closely with the entire design team 
  • Able to produce a quality end product to satisfy clients
  • Able to work 10-15 volunteer hours weekly depending on the needs of the masjid.
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