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Constitution Committee

Under the Shura guidance, the Constitution Committee is dedicated to revised the constitution, increase involvement and awareness in regards to Constitution in the community, and proposed amendments needed.


  • Based on the current constitution, initiate the drive to amend the constitution.
  • Study current constitution of ICF and other masjid.
  • Suggest Constitutional amendments and build community support for the constitutional amendments.
  • Provide logistical support (Planning, budgeting, Marketing) for the process to approve the constitution from the ICF General body.

Committee Members

Rafia Shujaat Lead
Izzat Khan Co-Lead
Vacant 1 Community Liason
Vacant 2 Community Liason
Vacant 3 Community Liason
Vacant 4 Community Liason


Constitution Of The Islamic Center Of Frisco (Frisco Masjid)

For Questions or Comments Email: constitution@friscomasjid.org

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