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The Civics Committee ("Committee") shall exist for the purpose of advising, and assisting the Islamic Center of Frisco (“Center”) Board of Directors (“Board”) in planning and coordination of ICF's engagement with the greater Frisco Community by encouraging involvement in civic activity. This entails voter education, serving in various volunteer capacities in the city, and being a representative for ICF. In addition, planning and participating in civic events either hosted by or partnered with ICF.

This Committee shall serve at the direction of and at the pleasure of the Board. This Committee shall have no authority to speak on behalf of the Board or to bind the Center financially or contractually.

Committee Members

Saad Siddiqi Shura Liaison
Sadaf Haq Chairperson
  For questions, email civics@friscomasjid.org


  • Each Committee member shall be a member of the Islamic Center of Frisco
  • Available Committee seats will be advertised at least fifteen days prior to appointment.
  • Members are appointed by the Board. Members are selected from the pool of applicants and priority would be given to applicants who have not served in any Committees earlier and have experience related to the purpose of this Committee.
  • Anytime this Committee has less than 5 members and there are no applicants waiting, the Board can appoint any Center member to become a member of this Committee.
  • A member from another committee cannot serve on this Committee. There shall not be more than one member of a household serving on any committee at the same time unless there are no more volunteers available.
  • The Board shall appoint the Chairperson of this Committee. The members of this Committee may make recommendations to the Board for the appointment of a chairperson.
    Active Board of Directors cannot be members of this Committee.


  • The Committee shall meet a minimum of once a month.
  • The Committee Chairperson or the Board may schedule additional meetings as deemed necessary to accomplish its duties.
  • Meetings shall normally be held at the Islamic Center of Frisco but may be held at alternate locations if the date, time, and location are provided to the Board with adequate notice and agreement by the Committee.
  • If it is necessary for the Committee to reschedule or cancel a meeting, the Committee Chairperson shall notify the Board Liaison at the earliest.
  • Any Board of Director shall reserve the right to attend any Committee meetings and participate as a non-voting member to assist in fulfilling the duties set by the Board.

Roles and Responsibilities

Responsibilities of the ICF Civics Committee include, but are not limited to:

    • Maintain the Committee Records, containing a detailed description of any events, programs, and/or classes for purposes of organization and to establish structure. Records include:
      1. Maintain an organized folder of the Civics Committee.
      2. Meeting Minutes
      3. Volunteers needed/received.
      4. Community feedback.
    • Promote a culture of diversity and inclusion 
    • Committee will act upon ideas based upon the needs, requirements, and concerns of the greater Frisco Community.  How can ICF help? This will be the question prior to committing to ideas presented to shura. 
    • Develop and host community-engaged civic events aimed to include and empower the ICF Community.
    • Recruit volunteers to assist with different events and programs.
    • Provide a snapshot of achievements approved by the Board to be included in the annual general meeting presentation.
    • Perform any other duties assigned by the Board from time to time. 

Volunteer Interest Application

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