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Community Assistance Program (Application Below)


The community assistance program (CAP) team is dedicated to serve the community within Denton and Collin county. The committee serves both Muslims and Non Muslims that are in times of financial difficulties and supports these individuals and familes with basic needs. CAP uses Zakat, Sadaqa and Fitra funds to meet these needs.

Our focus is to help those who are the most vulnerable in our local community during their time of need or when going through life-changing circumstances. This program’s main objective is to assist those who need temporary shelter or other basic needs, elderly, widowed and divorced women, orphaned children and the unemployed.

There is an established process that CAP follows to carefully review each case to utilize these funds. If you feel that you are going through hardship and need some assistance with basic needs of life, don’t hesitate to contact any of the CAP members. Please rest assured that all information about applicants is kept confidential.

Other Helpful links for CAP

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Please fill in the following form to apply for Assistance from ICF. 

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